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At Andy Andersons, our mission is to be more than cleaners.

We are the partner that the RAC can depend on – particularly when something that isn’t routine happens, and that could be on an almost daily basis. A partner’s role is to support the RAC, the PCA’s and residents. Partners deliver fit for purpose services, consideration, aligned values, and transparency.

Fit for purpose services start from the ground up. Andy Andersons uses the quality standards as the framework for cleaning SOP’s. Our approach limits the risk of failing quality audits. It also puts residents at the centre of our service delivery. The same principles apply to laundry and facilities maintenance services. SOP’s also undergo annual ISO certification.

ISO certification allows us to build systems with the appropriate checks and balances. Our commitment to ISO includes, Safety, Environmental Management and Information Management Systems. Our responsibility as partners extends well beyond cleaning. Annual ISO certification was instrumental in our $20m Product, Pollution and Public Liability insurance being underwritten by Lloyds of London – a first for an Australian cleaning company.

Systems and processes are critical. Equally critical is consideration – consideration for everyone, but especially for residents. It is their home and they deserved to feel cared for.

Respect is also mandatory. A smile, a hello, or even an enquiry about a resident’s well-being all reflects respect. You can even go that extra mile and be aware of a resident’s daily schedule, fitting prioritising their needs first.

All of this forms an integral part of training for our staff. Our regular Toolbox Talks, include resident care as well as SOP’s.

Problems arise on a regular basis. Aligned values make working together to identify the cause of the problem a whole lot easier. Creating a solution that works for both parties de-escalates conflict and builds understanding. Putting systems in place and having regular meetings also aid in preventing recurrence and minimising disruption, allowing everyone involved to focus on other priorities.

Partnerships thrive when transparency is at the forefront and collaboration is the norm. Furthermore, unannounced internal audits can identify issues before they become problems, and, by sharing the results, allows the RAC to track progress easily.

COVID-19 continues to impact on aged care. Now more than ever, a partner who has a vested interest in your aged care home leads to better outcomes.