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Uniforms that are practical and comfortable allow aged care staff to focus on the important work they do in providing quality care to the residents.

Uniforms that are appropriately functional and durable can also be colourful and stylish. Smart, clean uniforms may help to increase staff confidence and may even provide staff with a greater sense of pride in their profession. Uniforms may make it much easier for aged care residents and visitors to recognise the staff.

Easy maintenance is an important factor to consider when choosing the right uniform for aged care staff. As in all health care work, aged carer’s uniforms need to be easily washed, dried, and in some cases worn again in rapid succession. Preferably without the need for ironing.

The uniforms are best when high performing, shrink and fade proof, and ethically and sustainably produced.

Advanced hi-tech fabrics that are comprised of moisture wicking technology help keep staff cool during the hot months or in stressful situations.

Also available are antibacterial fabrics which help to minimise infection from the many germs aged care workers are often exposed to.

Some uniform designs have a considerable number of pockets that are carefully placed, which may seem an unimportant characteristic, but aged care workers will understand the value of having as many pockets as practical to make their work life easier.

Finally, aged care facility branding is a further benefit of uniforms. If the care facility’s logo is part of the uniform, staff are constantly promoting that branding, but even without a logo, staff will help to promote the facility through the professionalism that wearing uniforms signify.