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Quality coffee and tea moments within the health and care environment is very important – not only important for the residents and visitors, but also for the care staff to be able to take a well-earned breather during their breaks.

For visitors, a cup of coffee is a happy moment to spend with residents; for employees, a much needed moment to recharge; and, for residents, it’s familiarity, something that feels “just like home”.


Coffee needs and solutions

A warm and welcoming reception

A quality coffee solution is a great opportunity to show you care and give visitors the best first impression of your facility. It can either be self-serve, requiring convenience and simplicity; or served by experienced baristas.

Wards are where the heart is

Choosing high quality coffee and tea provides an experience for patients that makes them feel more at home. More often than not, the chosen machine will be a mainstream coffee solution required for commercial viability. However, it’s important that whatever the machine, it is capable of meeting the demands of patient numbers and high performing peak periods. Over all, the machine should be quick and easy to use for both staff and residents.

Facilities should also consider in-bed service with moveable, hygienic trolleys for patients with more compromised health.

Last, but not least, a ‘dressed-up’ cup of coffee or tea is always a sure fire sign of hospitality!

Much needed break times/ building staff morale

Healthcare staff worldwide are resigning due to stress and burnout, but small changes to their workplace can make a big difference. Support your care staff during their busy shifts by offering coffee at least as good as they would have at home for a well-earned breather with coffee corners in doctors’ lounges or staff kitchenettes on the wards. Having self-serve machines that are not only full of quality coffee but able to withstand peak staff times and quick brew times is key! Ensuring that the staff’s needs are met, as well as giving them areas to connect and build team morale, will undoubtedly follow on into optimal care service for residents.

• Quality of brand offered, and the coffee experience will improve staff morale

An on-site café

Healthcare facilities can turn coffee into a profit stream by incorporating a barista and coffee shop into their operation. Having an on-site cafe will provide a better overall experience for residents and staff, but it will also be extremely beneficial for when visitors come for high-care residents that are unable to leave the facility. Of course, having quality coffee will drive consumption, so having trained staff and high level cleaning products is very important.

At JDE, we offer the full package: 

At JDE Professional, we know coffee. Since 1753, we have lived and breathed coffee. We also understand the complex demands of your business and look forward to partnering with your business to deliver a perfect fit coffee solution for every occasion.

We specialise in:

  • Choice of coffee equipment packages such as free on loan, rental or purchase. 
  • Selection of fit-for-purpose tea and hot chocolate solutions, from single serve to specialist high speed hot chocolate dispense equipment. 
  • A wide range of ancillaries such as cleaning products, sugars, syrups, branded crockery, plus a huge variety of sustainably sourced certified products and a national footprint of Barista Training centres