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The Office of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety estimated the most prevalent elder abuse is in the form of neglect and emotional abuse.

These sorts of claims to an organisation can have catastrophic consequences to both the business and the staff.

In a bid to address this issue, Comvision launched its latest Visiotech Body Camera model at the 2022 Security Exhibition & Conference: the VC-1 Badge Camera. This solution won the prestigious Best New Security Product of the Year Award, and here’s why:

The new Visiotech VC-1 Badge Camera is an ultra lightweight body worn camera specifically designed for healthcare, retail and those working in public facing roles. Its discreet Name Badge design provides the perfect solution for interacting with the public and providing safety measures for staff.

Body cameras are a known deterrent for antisocial behaviour; however, they are not always practical for the average person to wear or manage. The key design initiative was to produce an ultra lightweight body camera that can be worn on any uniform and to allow organisations to easily customise and brand the camera by simply applying a sticker.

The unique and practical design of the VC-1 Badge Camera combined with Visiotech’s Digital Evidence Management Software allows organisations to effortlessly manage hundreds of cameras across any number of locations.

The design focus for this product was to integrate critical functional features into a single, small, ultra lightweight and easy to use product that is cost effective and practical. Lack of battery life and video quality are major issues that have been addressed in this innovative product.

Key features include: 

  • Cost effective and expandable solution. The VC-1 is less than half the price of other body cameras on the market making it practical for organisations to rollout on mass.
  • This Ultra lightweight badge camera is only 45g – a key feature to enable the camera to be worn on any clothing without slumping down and being uncomfortable. Other Body Cameras on the market are two to four times the size and weight.
  • 10hrs standby time allows users to complete a shift without charging the battery.
  • Integrated magnetic mount and/or pin mount allows users to attach the camera like a name badge.
  • Most other body cameras on the market require special mounting brackets and load bearing vests. 
  • The flat name badge face allows organisations to easily customise and brand the product by simply applying a sticker. 
  • The VC-1 is discreet by design allowing organisations to customise discreetly or have the option to highlight that it’s a body camera. 
  • One button press recording for easy and intuitive operation.
  • Real-time high-definition quality video and audio
  • recording (1080p resolution)
  • Wi-Fi live streaming and management functions.
  • With Visiotech’s Digital Evidence Management Software and convenient drop-in docking stations, charging and management of recorded data is made easy, secure and intuitive. 
  • Centralised data management and network storage options allow organisations to easily rollout across their current network infrastructure.

This product is available in Australia through Comvision Pty Ltd and their authorised resellers of the Visiotech product range.

It is anticipated that healthcare and retail organisations will take great interest in this product together with security, local government, rangers, emergency services, field service providers, real-estate managers/agents, inspectors, and lone workers.